Small  X  Efficient  X  Scalable


PV100 not only fully utilizes the PCIe bandwidth over
NVMe but also supports Power Loss Protection on the limited
dimension of M.2-22110.

Low Power

PV100 is well-designed for power consumption. The max power required
is under 10W with 2.5GB/s of data throughput.


PV100 delivers the highly consistent 100us QoS which easily
fulfills the Enterprise and Datacenter requirements.

OCP Architecture

With a FHHL adaptor board, PV100 can boost the IO bandwidth up to
16 lanes, which perfectly fits the OCP architecture.


Model PV100
Form Factor M.2 – 22110
User Capacity (GB) 480/960 400/800/1600
Interface PCIe Gen3x4, NVMe 1.2
NAND Flash 15nm Client MLC 15nm Enterprise MLC
Read Latency 100 us 100 us
Write Latency 30 us 30 us
4K RR IOPS (Sustained) 195K 200K
4K RW IOPS (Sustained) 16K 32K
4K RR/RW (70 / 30) 48K 78K
128K SR (MB/s) 2,500 2,500
128K SW (MB/s) 1,150 950
DWPD 0.35 2.3
Power (Active/Idle) 8W / 2W
Warranty 5 Years
MTBF 1,200,000 hours
UBER 1 in 1017
Power Loss Protection SUPPORT
Dual Port N/A
Schedule MP