Improving the performance & availability of Virtualization,
thus enhancing IT operation efficiency.

Nowadays, Virtualization is widely adopted by IT experts of every industry, enterprise,
& datacenters. Through Virtualization, the original systems can provide more service &
applications. However Virtualization is an IO-hungry monster. And the IO bottleneck
induced by HDD will be a huge impact on the overall performance. The NVMe SSD is the
best solution for such a bottleneck. By adopting TECHMAN NVMe SSD, both the
Virtualization performance & IT operation efficiency will be significantly enhanced.

Virtual Desktop

Enhancing the performance of VDI which serves a key role of R&D and OA Cloud.

For Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), we all heard some complaints, such as : long loading time for system boot-up,
slow response when running applications. Low IOPS of the VDI storage is the root cause. TECHMAN NVMe
SSD provides high IOPS and great consistency to deliver fast & stable VDI experiences.

Software Defined Storage

Significantly Enhance SDS Utilization.

Software Defined Storage (SDS) is targeting to fully utilize the storage devices deploying
in the traditional Enterprise/Datacenters system architecture, thus, reducing the frequencies
of scaling out server stacks. However if using traditional HDDs in SDS, the IOPS of the
“Storage Pool” will significantly constrained. By deploying TECHMAN NVMe SSD in the
“Storage Pool”, the performance of the SDS will be tremendously enhanced.

Big Data Analytics

Boosting your big data calculation, analysis, &
service speed to maximum.

Mission-critical applications such as seismic analysis, genetic data, &
online-transaction process, all require high speed calculation & predictable
response time. TECHMAN NVMe SSD deliver high performance IOPS with
great consistent QoS which can easily fulfill the big data analytics.


Decreasing Database access time while optimizing the ERP operation.

TECHMAN NVMe SSD provides high speed IOPS on the Database system, accelerating data update, data
lookup, report generation of all Database application and enhancing overall efficiency.

High Availability

No more SPOF.

TECHMAN Dual Port NVMe SSD support High Availability storage systems. When one of the system
is crashed, the data within TECHMAN Dual Port SSD will still be intact & available for another system to access.
With Dual Port feature, users will not experience any service downtime at all.

Case Study

  • Virtualization

    Deploy TECHMAN SSD to conquer the
    IO-hungry monster, Virtualization.

  • Network Packet Retrieving

    Deploy TECHMAN SSD to deal with the
    high speed input of Network Packets.

  • Media Streaming

    Deploy TECHMAN SSD for high
    speed access of Media Data.

  • 全快閃儲存系統AFA


  • Server SAN

    Server SAN是由多個獨立的伺服器包含內部