Secured Data

    All TECHMAN NVMe products offer : Strong ECC, E2E data protection, Metadata protection, and adaptive RAID protection, to assure the data integrity & accuracy inside SSD. We as well supports XTS-AES-256 data encryption which will protect data from unauthorized users.

Secured Device

    All TECHMAN NVMe products provide 2 protections to assure health of device : (1) FW protection, to backup several FW copies in case the main slot is damaged. (2) Thermal Throttling protection, to limit the SSD performance once temperature exceeds some certain high level.

Secured System

    All TECHMAN NVMe products utilize unique HW designs to protect the system as well: (1) Internal circuit protection, to avoid any over-current/voltage backfiring to the system. (2) Power loss protection, to support hot-swap (U.2 only) and to avoid data loss once ungraceful power-off occurs.