High Performance

    TECHMAN dedicated to deliver the World NO. 1 performance SSD. TECHMAN NVMe products can fulfill high IOPS requirements for high performance cloud computing, big data analysis, financial and academic research, OLTP, and the coming Machine Learning era.

High Throughput

    TECHMAN NVMe products support PCI Express over NVM Express. The data transfer speed and supportable queue depths outnumbers traditional SATA3 SSD & HDD. Deploying one TECHMAN PCIe/NVMe product will deliver the same throughput as 3500+ HDDs. With such deployment, systems can release more resources, spaces, & power for more applications while lowering TCO.

High Consistency

    For an enterprise PCIe/NVMe SSD, being fast is a least feature. It is the consistent performance that separate the BEST from the Mediocre and the Bad. Other than World No. 1 performance, TECHMAN NVMe products also guarantee great consistency, with outstanding 99.999% QoS, during its whole life span.